The Oscars and the Darkness of Hollywood

The Oscars happened a couple days ago, and it showcased a deep darkness in Hollywood. What can we do about this?


A couple days ago, the 89th Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars (yeah, apparently they’re the same thing) took place. I didn’t watch it, because after the Golden Globes, I knew exactly what was going to happen, and it turns out that I was right. During the Oscars, host Jimmy Kimmel made sure to take time out to bash President Trump, and during the award show, they had a stand for Meryl Streep, who’d gone out of line during an award acceptance speech and started bashing Trump instead of accepting her achievment award.

The list of nominees was pretty ridiculous, too. Most of the nominees were R-rated and awful. Like the 2017 best picture winner, Moonlight, which focuses on a black homosexual man who gets persecuted for his “orientation.” There were a couple in there that weren’t all bad (looking at you animation category, Hidden Figures, and La La Land), but the majority were pretty iffy. Also, somehow Suicide Squad won an Oscar for hairstyling and makeup… which is an affront to life itself.

What does all of this have to do with Hollywood’s darkness? Think about it. Think about our new “best picture” winner and what it promotes. Think about how at awards shows, completely out of context, they’ve started shoving agendas down our throats. If we wanted that kinda stuff, we’d turn on the news. We’re here for MOVIES. We’re here for ENTERTAINMENT. We’re here for an ESCAPE from reality. Yet, Hollywood doesn’t care— they hate Trump, and that’s all that matters.

Hollywood, despite all of its bright lights, is one of the darkest places on Earth. Not in a physical sense, but in a spiritual one. They’ve turned their backs on God and cast aside traditional values, instead deciding to promote filth and immorality as if it’s normal and agreeable. Movies just keep getting progressively more vile.

What can you, as just a humble moviegoer, do? Stop watching the filthy movies they put out, instead focusing on those that encourage Godly values. When you go to see a movie, you cast a vote. Hollywood gets your money, and they get encouraged to continue pushing that negative thing. If we, as Christians in America, send a coordinated message to Hollywood executives that we will not watch something if it’s inappropriate and encourages immoral values, Hollywood will turn to something else. They want your money, and if you don’t give it to them, they’ll find another way to get your money— even if they have to start making cleaner films.

Author: spencerray

I'm a teenage artist that aims to use my God-given talents for the good of his kingdom. I'm also a big fan of comics books and animation.

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